Three Terms to Research

My boss came in today and asked if I knew about any of the three following terms as they apply to SQL Server:

  • Query Optimization
  • Performance Tuning
  • Execution Plan

He said they were not worth my investigating if I did not know them, but that the person in charge of our database had brought them up to him.

I don’t have a specific plan of study in mind, but I heard in a podcast (I think it was the “SQL Data Partners Podcast with Carlos L. Chacon”) that SQL has an “S-shaped” learning curve, where you learn a lot quickly in the beginning, and then it gets harder.

Because I want to be as sensitive as I can be regarding server performance from the beginning, I would like to try to learn things with an eye toward not screwing things up for our DBAs. I’ve already slowed down the server enough to have had my boss called regarding one of my queries recently, and I don’t want that to happen again.


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